Saturday 28 January 2012

WOMP day six!

Yep, hadn't planned today as part of the week of mega power, but ended up with an hour spare and thought I'd crack on with the remaining conversions for Halo: Red vs Blue, and ended up with these (and a bloody finger, but the less said about that the better):

The plasma gun wielding chaps are faily similar, admittedly, but there's only so much I could do (short of making him into a crouching pose, but I've not got a great deal of those legs...)

As always, the conversions were exceedingly simple ('ware, ahead are terrible iphone pictures!). For the crouching needler wielder, take one kneeling sniper model:

and chop him in half at the waist (handily, Spartan armour has some handy bumps at the back and sides of the waist that you can use to make sure your cut is straight):

Next grab the poor sap that's donating his torso:

and likewise bisect the poor fool:

As I'm sure you've guessed, the next part is simply glueing together the bits:

Voila! Needler Spartan!

Likewise, the plasma Spartan was as straightforward (and I took less pictures, the steps remain the same though):

Plasma Spartan + legs from the previous Needler conversion =

Newly posed plasma Spartan!

With these two finished, that's everything for the basics of the Red vs Blue project done:

Two poses of each of six options (pistols, battle rifle, shotgun, sniper rifle, needlers and plasma rifle), read for basing and painting. Well, I say ready, the sand I'd ordered arrived this morning, but rather than normal basing sand the padded envelope had two bags of fine sand. Bugger. Alas, dust-fine sand won't take a drybrush, so hopefully it won't take too long to sort, and then eventually I'll be able to get these into the painting queue... And once these are done, I can make a start on some Halo Wars project fun...

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