Friday 20 January 2012

Prep for WOMP and the postman hates my tally...

So, in preperation for the Week of Mega Power (which shall here on in be referred to as 'WOMP'), I've been prepping some minis:

Yes, I have to undercoat my miniatures in a carpark. And it started raining immediately after I took this picture, forcing me to seek shelter and finish spraying later.

As usual, I've had some more miniatures arrive:

2 Runequest Baboons from the ever-wonderful Svennn, for Planet of the Apes shenanigans. I'm still having trouble finding chimps in the right scale, as Mega Minis have sold their moulds and the UK importer of Eureka miniatures don't seem to have the chimps on their site...

I also bought some Warmachine minis that were on clearance at work, but no pics of these as I've already built and opened one of them (which you can just about see in the first pic - and yes, it's not based for Warmachine)

leaving the tally at:

1 vs 27 = -26

but if WOMP is especially successful, I'll have no problem getting back into the positives. Surely. Don't hold your breath.

Anyway, now to rebase and potentially convert some Halo clix...


  1. So we've got you to blame the the rain, have we???
    Planet of the Apes sounds interesting??

  2. Keep 'em peeled, I'll blather more about my love of monkeys fighting men in due course...