Sunday 25 October 2020

Zomtober 2020 week 4: I don’t want no scrubs

This year’s big finish for the final week of Zomtober is the cast of Scrubs as zombies, another set from Studio Miniatures:

And now, a number of pictures that mostly show that I need to give the backdrop in my light box a good dusting:

It’s JD, I think they captured his haircut quite well.

It’s Dr Cox! Another good likeness, although admittedly the proportions are a little cartoony.

It’s Bob Kelso, curmudgeonly head doctor man. This sculpt is pretty much the Dr Cox sculpt with a new head and added paunch, one of those details that once you’ve noticed it you can’t unsee it...

Carla! Normally my zombies are all the same shade of grey, but as these sculpts are based on actual people, I tried to paint them to actually reflect their actors rather than whitewash (greywash?) them. I mean, they’re still pretty grey, but you get what I’m shooting for.

Turk! Another slightly bobble headed sculpt, but I absolutely love his expression...

The Todd! This was the additional miniature gotten for purchasing the horde pack, and was an opportunity to both try out another skin tone as well as some wonky freehand (that is supposed to be flames on his bandanna)

Ted! The only two part sculpt in the bunch, his briefcase is a separate tiny part. I really like this sculpt, and it’s not just fondness for the character - I think the pose is so different from the rest that he stands out to me. I may have gone a little too heavy on the blood splat on his shirt in hindsight...

I also painted his briefcase to look like he’d been using it as a weapon, but presumably it wasn’t enough as he finds himself shambling round as a zombie now...

Eliot! Not much to say about this sculpt, other than to remark that I really enjoy grunting up zombie miniatures. I mean, a lot of the time I could probably get away with just basecoat and washing before applying weathering, skipping highlights entirely, and achieve much the same results...

The Janitor! Did he ever have a name? Again, not much to say on the sculpt other than my enjoyment painting the plunger (which reminds me, I must get round to working on my zombie rules again, and write a plunger weapon card...)

Finishing these draws this Zomtober to a close, and brings the Tally to:

42 vs 111 = -69

Also, something that I unusually haven’t done before,  Zomtober totals to date:

2020: 17 zombies, a full Studio Miniatures box set. Hospital themed, including the Scrubs personalities set.

2019: 5 survivors, no theme beyond being all survivors, as well as a belated ‘big finish’ of Alexia and the Risen for Warmachine

2018: Walking Dead themed, 18 zombies and a corpse pole spawn point

2017: 5 Wizard of Oz themed survivors, 2 zombies, and a zombie reindeer for A Song of Ice and Fire

2016: A Song of Ice and Fire themed, 3 White Walkers and 24 wights

2015: my first zomtober, 1 survivor, 4 zombies, 3 spawn points, and a horde base that had 20-something zombies on it!

Zomtober seems to have been dwindling in popularity over the last couple of years, but I pledge to do it again next year, and will continue to post about it on Instagram and Twitter too, in the hopes of encouraging people to join in!

Special shout out to Colgar6 and Miniature Mayhem who have both also been plugging away this year! Disappointingly, if you google search for Zomtober in the last month, I don’t appear in the first few pages of results, but instead several other more popular bloggers appear as they have my posts coming up in their blog rolls! Ah, c’est la vie...

So what’s next? It’s only 10 more minis to hit that one a week average for the year, so watch this space,,,

Sunday 18 October 2020

Zomtober 2020 week 3: here come the girls

Week three brings the female counterparts to last weeks crop of zeds:

Apologies for the super dark pics - they were even wonkier before I got the light box out!

The zombie on the left being clearly pregnant made me somewhat uncomfortable given the implications, so she was left entirely blood free. The other two were given the usual liberal dousing of gore though!

I went for a variety of colours for their gowns and hair just to add a little visual appeal to the horde (there’s well over a hundred painted zombies in my collection now). You might also notice that out of the over a hundred zombies, the one in the middle is the first of my ‘proper’ zombies (the Walking Dead ones don’t count, I guess?) that has grass on their base. I could claim that again it was to provide some visual appeal and break up the expanse of grey in a horde of bases, but really I spilled water on it and it turned out it wasn’t actually as dry as I thought when I started dry brushing the base, resulting in a chunk of material coming up, leaving me to cunningly disguise it with foliage rather than trying to re-sand it!

As well as completing that particular Studio Miniatures pack, finishing these three (and in a shocking twist of events, for the first time in living memory I finished the miniatures for a Zomtober post during the week rather than midnight the night before the post is due to go up) brings the Tally to:

33 vs 111 = -78

What’s next? Will there be a big finish, or more of a whimper? Tune in next week to find out (hopefully)

Sunday 11 October 2020

Zomtober 2020 week 2: the boys

 Well, to a certain degree of boys:

More hospital zombies from Studio Miniatures joining the two from last week

Tee hee, zombie butts.

I love the Studio Miniatures zombies, they’re beautiful sculpts, but they sure do love to recycle sculpts with slight details changed. I mean, I know the classic GW Nurgle Champions did the same thing, but with them at least the majority of the model was different rather than just moving the arms and adding a bandage to the head... it’s not a dealbreaker, and not something you’d notice once they’re in the horde, but something that grabs your attention when you’re looking at them in a small batch like this. 

Minor grumbling about sculpts aside, finishing these brings the Tally to:

30 vs 68 = -38

...or at least it would have done if I hadn’t won a competition on the Wargames Foundry Facebook page, where they sent me enough miniatures to destroy any hope of crossing off ‘end the year with the Tally in the positive’ from the Challenge this year:

Once these are factored in, the Tally plummets to

30 vs -81

Which means I’d need to paint (brief pause to do some quick mental maths) exactly one miniature a day for the rest of the year, which while pleasing how exactly it matches might be a tall order, having a full time job, two children, and dare I say it other hobbies too...

Even if I don’t get the Tally back into the positive, I’m still shooting for the ‘average one miniature a week’ goal, which at one miniature every three and a bit days still seems manageable!

So, what’s next? More zombies, of course, and given that I’ve painted two thirds of a pack over the first fortnight, you can probably guess what’s coming next if you’ve been on the Studio Miniatures site... after that, back to making scenery so that I can play Rangers of Shadow Deep, although that doesn’t help with the painting totals challenge... 

Sunday 4 October 2020

Zomtober 2020 week 1: bagged, tagged...

...and ready to frag:

Not that I actually talk like that, but it fit the rhyme scheme...

So, Zomtober is here, the one month of the year where I take a structured approach to my hobby and posting schedule! Sadly, it looks like Zomtober has been in decline in the community over the last few years (looking at various hashtags on Instagram and Twitter reveals... well, not a lot actually). Colgar6 from Colgar6 and the Infinite Legion of Toy Soldiers and the Infinite Legion of Toy Soldiers has vowed to participate, so have a look over there too! Also, they have not posted in several months, so if they don’t make some sort of ‘back from the dead’ pun with their first post that’s a missed opportunity...

This week’s offerings are a couple of bodybag sporting zombies from Studio Miniatures, who were selected as they were the two in the mass of minis I prepped with the least extraneous details, and thus most likely to actually be finished in time for the first post whilst potentially giving me a head start on next week’s painting target too!

Painting these two brings the Tally to:

27 vs 68 = -41

So, over the halfway mark to the goal of finishing 52 miniatures over the course of the year (which the next couple of weeks of Zomtober should hopefully push me towards completion of), but it looks like I won’t be able to make my usual mad dash between Christmas and New Year’s to get the overall Tally score into the positive, as I’ve just won a load of miniatures from Foundry! Expect a pic of me cradling a hamper of miniatures like a newborn in the near future...