Wednesday 30 October 2013

Just in time for Halloween

A frankenman, Blood Bowl Star Player Frank N Stein.

Oh wait, I hadn't mentioned him before or included him in the tally? Fine, John gave me a Frank N Stein when he found he had two in the loft (insert archive picture from a week or so ago that I didn't post at the time): 

He's a great, classic mini, and so I decided to paint him using the original Wayne England artwork as inspiration:

This was my first real use of the GW basing paint, and it's not what I expected - it just seems a little lacking in substance, truth be told, and I had to glob on a load to get a nice ground texture - even though I was later adding grass and the traditional white line that should be part of every Blood Bowl miniatures base!

So, my first finished miniature in a while segues nicely into the next set of pictures, as my wife has made herself a ghetto wet palette and started painting her gnome, her first miniature ever:

I've dug out my copies of the Kev Dallimore painting guides, but I think they're a little daunting for a beginner... I'm looking forward to sharing the breadth of my knowledge with her though:

(ooh, second Scott Kurtz reference this blogpost!)

Before we head to the traditional update of the tally, I should note that I received a mysterious package in the post the other day:

I'd not ordered any miniatures in months, and genuinely had no idea what to expect when I opened the package: 

A beautiful sample of the Tekumel range, that I'd completely forgotten that I'd put my name down for a few months before! They're a tasty looking set of miniatures, and I'm somewhat torn as to how to paint them - my first thought was to paint them like some sort of animated statue (for maximum gaming versatility), but it seems a shame to give such nice looking miniatures such a basic paint job, so they may end up getting painted like brightly coloured oni types...

Which, inevitably brings us to the tally:

20 vs 441 = -421

The less said the better, I guess. I've got some other miniatures lined up that aren't that far away from being finished, but we're talking about half a dozen rather than the four hundred odd that I'd need to get the tally back into the black - maybe next year will be my year...