Tuesday 29 July 2014

Firefly Gunslinger

So, little by little (not the one day mad rush I'd originally envisioned as a shock to the system and palette cleanser) Firefly guy is done:

Which takes the tally to:

37 vs 35 = 2

Back to the Space Marines now I think though, and back on plan.

Well, or I might have started digging out miniatures for some destiny inspired kitbashes:

Currently, my Titan inspired figure is an armless Halo figure that's had some bits of armour trimmed down or completely removed and some gaps green-stuffed to make him look a little less obviously Spartan:

Arms from another Halo figure, shoulder pads from an old Judge Dredd sprue, and a gun from an Infinity figure should give the effect I'm going for, I just need to source a Mantic Enforcer head from somewhere for that robot Exo look (or I guess I could see about knocking up some sort of helmet, but currently I quite fancy the idea of a helmet less character). I've got a couple of coat-wearing figures set aside as potential body donors for a Warlock, and I've got my eye on a Dark Vengeance cultist as a donor of a nice gas mask wearing hooded head for a Hunter...

Or, y'know, something else. I keep meaning to dig out my copy of Space Hulk...

Saturday 26 July 2014

Destiny Beta

So, as the Destiny Beta is now open to all, my first thought (as it sadly all too often is) was 'hey, I could probably do that as a 28mm project!'

I'm holding off for now, what with my vowing not to start any new projects and everything, but I'm sure a single figure frankensteined from Halo Actionclix and GW bits wouldn't count, surely? I mean, I could run something small using Space Hulk tiles! In that vein, if anyone happens to have a Mantic Enforcer and/or one of those smooth Dark Eldar Wych helmets knocking around in their bits box that they wouldn't mind trading, drop me a comment! That, or find me (myincubliss) running around on the ps3 version and marvel at my lack of coordination / the tried and true tactics that got me through several Halo games of 'running backwards shooting until you find somewhere you can recharge your health, charge in guns blazing, repeat'

Thursday 24 July 2014

WIP: Firefly guy

Well, since the post where I asked people for their opinion on what I should knock out in one session next time I had a couple of hours spare on a day off, I haven't actually managed to get a couple of hours spare on a day off! So, to provide a brief interlude to an otherwise unremarkable period of radio silence, I thought I'd post up a WIP photo just to prove that there's stuff going on (and also to try and shame myself into making some time to finish the chap rather than just leaving him half done):

Gah, I still hate painting white. Well, hate is too strong a word, something like 'am still not very good at' might be more appropriate...

Flags of War Fantasy flags

Flags of War have recently released a set of flags that look like they'll come in handy for anyone doing a Game of Thrones / Song of Ice and Fire project:

Looks like I'll be needing some of these for when my hobby focus swings back round that way! They're available from here:


Wednesday 16 July 2014

What should I paint next?

I'm thinking about knocking out a single figure as a bit of a palette cleanser if I get a couple of hours spare on my next day off, but don't know what to paint! If you were me, what would you choose?

Firefly guy:

Who you may remember from an earlier post...

A Marvel Avenger:

I've had these rebased heroclix figures sat on the mat for a while now, as a little something to tide me over until Thor 2 and Iron Man 3 appear on Netflix - I'd likely paint Iron Man, as I quite like the pose (plus the handy fact that he's essentially only really two colours...)

A Sister Redemptia:

Ah, the beauty of inq28 being that you can paint a random model here, a random model there, and then mash together some warbands! I've always enjoyed the OTT fluff for them - sci fi warrior nuns that to atone for some slight (or potentially imagined) sin strip off their armour and throw themselves headlong into danger with a chainsword that's as big as they are...  

A Dwarf Slayer

Because, y'know, I've got a few of these knocking around...

Ned Stark conversion

Because it's been a while... (a year, I realised when I went to put in that link...)

Tyrion Lannister conversion

Well, when we're talking about conversions that have been waiting a fair old while in the paint queue...

A member of Nextwave

Let's throw a wildcard into the mix! I painted The Captain a while back, and the rest of the team have been languishing in one of the (many) drawers of half painted miniatures ever since. If I ever got the entire team painted though, I'd need to see about casting up some Doombot heads to convert some broccoli men for them to fight...

I mean, I suppose I could finish off a miniature that's already halfway painted:
But where's the fun in that? The Priest conversion is mostly done, as he has been for a couple of years, the halfling was an experiment in painting over a white undercoat which I didn't get very far into, and the Hasslefree miniature is done except for needing some incredibly skinny yellow lines free handed on, which always feels like a job for another day...

Anyway, votes on a postcard (or in the comments below) although I reserve the right to ignore you all if something else shiny catches my eye!

Tuesday 15 July 2014

Nerdmarines: squad and a half finished!

Fourteen tactical marines, combined with my original test marine, make up my two Troop choices for my first 500 points:

Oh, what a harsh mistress is unnatural light! Apparently several times during the painting of these I forgot how to apply paint to miniatures, but some tidying up later and they're at an acceptable tabletop standard. Some freehand tactical marks on the shoulder pads and the hazard striping on the sergeants chainsword add a little pizzazz to the units, especially when viewed from a slight distance! 

Well, I say freehand, a soft pencil and some ingenuity (and a steady hand with a tape measure) can help form a guideline in these situations:

Finishing these brings the tally to:

36 vs 35 = 1

Who would have thought, it's actually back into the positive! Plus, I've got a dreadnaught, razorback and librarian to paint yet for the first planned 500 points, although I might see if I can churn out a single figure for fun next time I have a couple of hours free before I start on them! I may even stick up a poll to see what I should paint as a break, so watch this space...

In other news, technically these miniatures were actually finished last week, but only had static grass applied and were posted today, as the wife and I were in Germany for the weekend:

(This is Germany. You can tell by the lack of fence by the railway)

What, you want a more obviously German picture? Fine:

Ah, sweet Deutschland, land of things being clearly labelled, how I miss you already...

Next time we'll have to go for longer than a long weekend though! It was odd being in a country when they won the World Cup though, how many Englishmen get to say that?

Edit the day after to add a picture if forgot about:

In Germany they have wargames magazines with freebies on!