Saturday 26 July 2014

Destiny Beta

So, as the Destiny Beta is now open to all, my first thought (as it sadly all too often is) was 'hey, I could probably do that as a 28mm project!'

I'm holding off for now, what with my vowing not to start any new projects and everything, but I'm sure a single figure frankensteined from Halo Actionclix and GW bits wouldn't count, surely? I mean, I could run something small using Space Hulk tiles! In that vein, if anyone happens to have a Mantic Enforcer and/or one of those smooth Dark Eldar Wych helmets knocking around in their bits box that they wouldn't mind trading, drop me a comment! That, or find me (myincubliss) running around on the ps3 version and marvel at my lack of coordination / the tried and true tactics that got me through several Halo games of 'running backwards shooting until you find somewhere you can recharge your health, charge in guns blazing, repeat'

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