Saturday 16 September 2023

Gimme fuel gimme fire…

So, one of the Last Days scenarios requires specific food and fuel scavenge tokens. I have suitable tokens featuring boxes of canned goods already, but for fuel I knocked up these:

The gas bottles are from Fenris, and the other bits come from a Tamiya 1/48 WWII stowage kit that I bought a million years ago when my only project was AE:WWII.

I know technically in the game fuel is more likely firewood (as you even get a bonus to gathering it if the model doing so is armed with an axe), and realistically  gasoline would go bad within a year, but aesthetically I thought they’d be more fun than just matchstick cut down into a pile of firewood! The gas cans are red because I think that’s the colour they are in Fallout 4, in the unlikely event that I start yet another project…

Getting these finished was a quick win, which was handy as my painting motivation has been almost nonexistent for thee last couple of months. I’ve finished Front Mission 3 now, so that’s one less distraction, I just need to stop falling asleep in the evening putting the kids to bed…

On the work front, I had a meeting in London at Foyles on Charing Cross Road, which is conveniently just round the corner from both Orc’s Nest and Forbidden Planet, so between those three places I ended up with this little haul:

And of course I needed a nerdy tote bag to carry it all in:

Between the issues of a Warhammer partwork, officially licensed miniatures of the Crow (pure impulse purchase) and a Battletech lance that features a couple of mechs that will be my first Kurita paints (apparently they’re weebs that love war crimes, so I think that’s going to be my faction), the Tally stands perilously at:

27 vs 100 = -73

Well at least it’s a pleasingly round number of miniatures received? Even if my Heresy order is still on its way…

As well as miniatures, magazines and a new paintbrush, whilst spending a lot of time on trains I treated myself to this:

Because again due to spending a lot of time on trains I was able to finish Zombieslayer (where I’ve been re-reading the entire Gotrek and Felix series):

And got to thinking - maybe for Zomtober this year I could convert and paint some minis for Zombieslayer (as it’s a horde of zombified beastmen mostly). I hopped onto eBay, thinking I’d be able to pick up some battered old plastic gors that I could strip, but pickings are surprisingly sparse - does anyone have a gor sprue in their spares that they’d want to swap?