Saturday 16 September 2023

Gimme fuel gimme fire…

So, one of the Last Days scenarios requires specific food and fuel scavenge tokens. I have suitable tokens featuring boxes of canned goods already, but for fuel I knocked up these:

The gas bottles are from Fenris, and the other bits come from a Tamiya 1/48 WWII stowage kit that I bought a million years ago when my only project was AE:WWII.

I know technically in the game fuel is more likely firewood (as you even get a bonus to gathering it if the model doing so is armed with an axe), and realistically  gasoline would go bad within a year, but aesthetically I thought they’d be more fun than just matchstick cut down into a pile of firewood! The gas cans are red because I think that’s the colour they are in Fallout 4, in the unlikely event that I start yet another project…

Getting these finished was a quick win, which was handy as my painting motivation has been almost nonexistent for thee last couple of months. I’ve finished Front Mission 3 now, so that’s one less distraction, I just need to stop falling asleep in the evening putting the kids to bed…

On the work front, I had a meeting in London at Foyles on Charing Cross Road, which is conveniently just round the corner from both Orc’s Nest and Forbidden Planet, so between those three places I ended up with this little haul:

And of course I needed a nerdy tote bag to carry it all in:

Between the issues of a Warhammer partwork, officially licensed miniatures of the Crow (pure impulse purchase) and a Battletech lance that features a couple of mechs that will be my first Kurita paints (apparently they’re weebs that love war crimes, so I think that’s going to be my faction), the Tally stands perilously at:

27 vs 100 = -73

Well at least it’s a pleasingly round number of miniatures received? Even if my Heresy order is still on its way…

As well as miniatures, magazines and a new paintbrush, whilst spending a lot of time on trains I treated myself to this:

Because again due to spending a lot of time on trains I was able to finish Zombieslayer (where I’ve been re-reading the entire Gotrek and Felix series):

And got to thinking - maybe for Zomtober this year I could convert and paint some minis for Zombieslayer (as it’s a horde of zombified beastmen mostly). I hopped onto eBay, thinking I’d be able to pick up some battered old plastic gors that I could strip, but pickings are surprisingly sparse - does anyone have a gor sprue in their spares that they’d want to swap?


  1. Excellent looking fuel markers, should make the game look very atmospheric, nice haul but always risky walking into those shops ! LOL Can't help on the Gors I'm afraid.

  2. Oh, haha, what a nice loot you got there! Sorry, no Gors here, but I hope you get them!

  3. Good work on the fuel markers!

    Very nice haul too - Underworlds gobbos?

    No gors here sadly either. :(