Sunday 1 October 2023

Zomtober 2023 Week 1

Also known as ‘what do you do when you realise midway through September that the first Sunday in October is also the first day in October, and you’re pretty busy’ - that’s right, you paint half a zombie!

A pretty simple conversion, cutting down one of the weapon wielding arms that I’m probably never going to use to try and make it look like he’s pushing himself up out of the ground.

I don’t know how well it worked (especially as that side ended up getting mostly obscured by grass), but he’s built and painted and done and now joined his friends from last year’s Zomtober:

But why does a freshly raised zombie have blood all over him, I hear you ask? Maybe it’s old blood from his wounds opening up as he scrabbles out of the grave, maybe he bit someone’s ankles, whatever you need to sleep at night. 

As previously alluded to here on the blog, my plan for this year’s Zomtober was to do themed entries around the zombie army in the Gotrek and Felix novel Zombieslayer (that I recently finished during my re-read of the entire series), which involves a horde of undead beastmen (and even the occasional zombie Minotaur!) besieging a castle. Unfortunately, my bits box is lacking in gors, but luckily I’ve just been able to win a scrap lot on eBay to cannibalise for parts - although shout out to Mik of Miksminis (not that he posts there anymore, look him up on instagram!) for offering to send me some from across the pond!

I suspect that next week’s will be as last minute as this week’s post, which involved desperately googling ‘how to get stubborn superglue out of pot’, which revealed apparently putting it in hot water is the way to go. And thus:

So, at the end of Zomtober week 1, the Tally looks like:

28 vs 100 = -72

Luckily that Heresy order still hasn’t turned up, otherwise the Tally would look even worse. He says, having previously admitted to having ordered more miniatures for Zomtober… 

(And for anyone wondering where the next instalment of my monthly Last Days game is, fear not, I played it last night, but haven’t had a chance to write it up yet, having been busy getting this post up!)


  1. Promising start! Looking forward to seeing more! Oh, and that's the weirdest cup of tea I've seen in quite a while! XD

  2. Simple but very effective, Myincubliss. I've popped a link to this blog on my Zomtober Roll Call - as long as you're happy with that. A Gotrek and Felix theme sounds awesome, so fingers crossed you can make it happen :-)

  3. Well done, better than my efforts this year.

  4. Your zombie looks very effective, especially the grass around it, so well done. Please don't tell me you drank that coffee afterwards ! LOL

  5. Good stuff.
    I've done loads of half zombies in my time. I went as far as just doing hands sticking out of the ground.

    Also you don't need to explain the blood. Just point out to anyone who complains that zombies and realism don't mix.