Wednesday 16 July 2014

What should I paint next?

I'm thinking about knocking out a single figure as a bit of a palette cleanser if I get a couple of hours spare on my next day off, but don't know what to paint! If you were me, what would you choose?

Firefly guy:

Who you may remember from an earlier post...

A Marvel Avenger:

I've had these rebased heroclix figures sat on the mat for a while now, as a little something to tide me over until Thor 2 and Iron Man 3 appear on Netflix - I'd likely paint Iron Man, as I quite like the pose (plus the handy fact that he's essentially only really two colours...)

A Sister Redemptia:

Ah, the beauty of inq28 being that you can paint a random model here, a random model there, and then mash together some warbands! I've always enjoyed the OTT fluff for them - sci fi warrior nuns that to atone for some slight (or potentially imagined) sin strip off their armour and throw themselves headlong into danger with a chainsword that's as big as they are...  

A Dwarf Slayer

Because, y'know, I've got a few of these knocking around...

Ned Stark conversion

Because it's been a while... (a year, I realised when I went to put in that link...)

Tyrion Lannister conversion

Well, when we're talking about conversions that have been waiting a fair old while in the paint queue...

A member of Nextwave

Let's throw a wildcard into the mix! I painted The Captain a while back, and the rest of the team have been languishing in one of the (many) drawers of half painted miniatures ever since. If I ever got the entire team painted though, I'd need to see about casting up some Doombot heads to convert some broccoli men for them to fight...

I mean, I suppose I could finish off a miniature that's already halfway painted:
But where's the fun in that? The Priest conversion is mostly done, as he has been for a couple of years, the halfling was an experiment in painting over a white undercoat which I didn't get very far into, and the Hasslefree miniature is done except for needing some incredibly skinny yellow lines free handed on, which always feels like a job for another day...

Anyway, votes on a postcard (or in the comments below) although I reserve the right to ignore you all if something else shiny catches my eye!