Tuesday, 24 January 2012

WOMP day one...

So pow, an explosive start to the Week of Mega Power (it's a thing now)!

Well, almost, the Patriots vs 49ers game last night went into overtime, meaning we didn't get to bed until after 4am, which impacted negatively on the time we then got up this morning. When I did manage to get some coffee in myself, I set myself up for a day of painting:

(ignore the dancing statue of liberty, it has no relevance) - a nice assortment of bits and bobs, including some mystery miniatures from ebay that will hopefully be fighting Conan at some point in the future, although I've been thinking about picking up Song of Blades and Heroes to rock some warband scale skirmish at some point too. Dammit, that reminds me, I still need to get a Conan miniature...

Despite my high-falutin' intentions, I only actually managed to finish a single miniature today:

My second Black Cat Bases Rat Swarm (and yes, now I can use my chambered Star Wars acronym joke - it's a 'womp'-rat!), so that I can field a Rat King to it's fullest potential in games of Strange Aeons:

Finishing that doubles my productivity for the year thus far, and takes the tally to:

2 vs 27 = -25

Tomorrow, I will endeavour to finish more than a single miniature, and if some more sand turns up, I can crack on with some halo funtimes...

Final thought - sometimes, you're out drinking, and the pool table's not free, what do you do? Yes, you remember you've got Citadel Combat Cards stashed in your bag:

(and yes, I won)


  1. RAT SWARM! Now, this is getting quite interesting...

    By the way JEALOUS of your creative time off... have fun!!