Thursday 26 January 2012

WOMP day four...

Not much done today, as the postman failed to bring any of the packages I was expecting, and we've been busy with other things. Determined not to have a 'dead day' as it were, I managed to finish some undead (oh, pun-tastic!):

A zombie Lovecraft, a limited edition miniature from Uncle Mike's, purveyors of the exceedingly fine Strange Aeons. This was my first try with my new pot of TCR, and it was a bit weird - it didn't darken as much as usual when I added black, and when I added more it seemed to curdle and go lumpy... ah well, gore is gore is gore I suppose...

This zombie is apparently called Moe, and although he is now available from Fenris, I got him as part of the Frothers sculpting competition set a while back. He had a horrendous mould line down his back, going right over some ripples in his jumper which was a bugger to fix, so no pics of that. Also, he's ginger, because there aren't enough ginger zombies. And yes, blown up I do see that his left eye is a bit wonky.

These two getting finished brings the tally to:

8 vs 27 = -19

Slowly but surely, I'm creeping back towards that zero line... I'm reading the rules for Song of Blades and Heroes currently, and think I'll use them for gaming Conan and generic dungeon crawl fun - handily, there's fifteen half-painted minis in the painting queue that would make a nice evil human warband, all I have to do is finish them!

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  1. who says a zombie has to have an un-wonky eye? I think it fits his undoubtedly stellar personality :P