Saturday 28 January 2012

WOMP day five...

...the end of the inaugral WOMP week, also known as 'a biker, a priest, a singer and an ape walk into a bar...'

A biker from em4, this survivor has a substantially better chance of survival than the average - I mean, doing drive-bys on zombies with a samurai sword? Although admittedly there is an increased risk of incapacitating yourself and dooming yourself to getting eaten. In other news, Day of the Dead is on at the minute, which raises several points:
- Fast zombies? Seriously? Slow zombies are awesome, you can sneak past them, you can trick them into falling down holes, they're like a tide, a force of nature, but fast zombies that can crawl on the ceiling? That's not awesome, that's your life expectancy in that scenario whistling past your ear and down to zero. 28 Days later started some sort of 'my zombie's better than yours' war with any new zombie movie...
- Why is it that people in zombie films are so unprepared? Do zombie films not exist in-universe in zombie films? And if not, why are they calling them zombies? (I know, I know, suspension of disbelief, but still...)

Eolith's monk, bought from Heresy because it's just such a nice sculpt - look at it, so simple, but with so much character! It's one of those minis that's so nicely sculpted that it's an absolute pleasure to paint, and so you lavish more care and attention on it than you normally would.

Joining the cleric above in the on and off project of dnd classes is this bard, from Hasslfree, that I picked up at last year's Salute. Another lovely miniature, but I just couldn't get his face how I wanted...

The last of today's output is this hairy fellow, an Orangutan from Black Cat Bases for my possible Rise of the Planet of the Apes (ROTPOTA) project, because every squad of improved-intelligence apes needs a wise-looking Orangutan to act as spiritual advisor and strategist... I have a gorilla in the painting queue at the minute, but as I bought it sight unseen it's a little smaller than I'd like (and the Bushido gorilla has since caught my eye...)

with these four finished, the tally now stands at:

12 vs 27 = -15

Alas, the postman still didn't bring the goodies I was expecting this morning, which threw my plans off somewhat. There's a group of 15 fantasy minis waiting for some love in the painting queue, which would take me back up to zero, or I could paint the 10 minis for Strange Aeons, or crack on with finishing my zombie horde base... but what I really want is for the postman to bring the things I'm waiting for so I can get distracted by them. Truth be told though, in this wonderful high-tech modern era that we live in, I have the Song of Blades and Heroes rulebooks on my phone, so that should help with keeping my motivation pointed in that diretion...


  1. I do enjoy a good ape now and then, I also wanted to let you know in case you hadn't checked my blog that you guessed right, and if you were interested I could send you some barrels, a crate, and a pallet.

  2. Nice Orangutan! great find.. I'll have to pick that up for my Belgian Liberation Army :)