Wednesday, 25 January 2012

WOMP day three

So, it turns out wargaming isn't actually my hobby. It's just what I do when I'm not doing my actual hobby, procrastinating:

Teehee, he's holding a paintbrush! Maybe he'll paint himself! (He didn't). Just in case, I nipped into town, just in case he got stagefright. Well, that and my young lady needed some sewing thingies, so I thought I'd accompany her and see in Poundland would offer up some appropriately scaled vehicles that I could smash up to make some scenery with (I fancy modelling a crashed helicopter). Alas, they didn't, so returning home I cracked on with actually painting things myself:

Ghoooooost! Or some sort of smoke monster, I guess. Originally a dungeons and dragons prepaint, this is another great example of my 'seven layers that look like two' technique.

Also, (as previewed a couple of inches up this page, I guess) I finished this chap:

Originally a Hordes miniature that I bought because it was going cheap, and because who can't find a home in their collection for a whacking great golem made out of stone and sticks and held together with twine? Not me, that's for sure! Especially fun to paint were the gazillion little bits of rope tucked all over it, lots of holding my breath and going cross-eyed...

With these two finished, it brings the tally for the year to:

6 vs 27 = -21

Right, game plan time: As soon as the postman comes tomorrow, I'll do the last two halo pvp conversions, get them based, finish some more miniatures, and then undercoat the halo miniatures ready for painting on Friday. The only problem is, I'm going out for a drink with the Topshop boys and girls tomorrow night, which may throw a spanner in the works of my productivity...

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