Thursday 19 January 2012

Halo, and the upcoming Week of Mega Power...

Spent the evening sorting out some Halo actionclix and heroclix ready for some repainting. Just look. Mmmm... toys:

No Ghost, but I can live without it (especially since they're around £25 on eBay right now). I really need to get the Hunter Combat Pack though, as it's the only way to get the two Hunters and sniper marine sculpts (I'm kicking myself, since we used to sell them at work, but I was young and foolish and hadn't yet given Halo a chance to enter my heart...). But last year all that changed, I gave Halo a chance rather than just dismissing it out of hand, and now several games, a couple of encyclopedias and a whole bunch of little men later I'm quite the fan.

Whilst not sorting out a hundred little men on the coffee table, I also made myself this fancy hat:

My young lady was especially impressed.

And so, on to the Week of Mega Power! Next week, as we're off work, the plan is to do something hobby-related every day and blog about it, thereby increasing our creative productivity (and blogging regularity). The name still amuses me, and if it works, may become a semi-regular feature...

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  1. You used the nasty H word! Looking forward to seeing what you get up to! ... oh, and erm... nice hat.