Friday, 20 January 2012

There can never be enough Energy Swords...

Wow, half-century post, bam!

Well, my afternoon/evening has been spent prepping some Halo minis ready for WOMP, starting with various iterations of the faceless hero, the Master Chief:

The plan is to have various miniatures with different weapon loadouts, to allow some sort of weapon-swap feature when it comes to actually wargaming Halo. Due to a lack of minis / not wanting to prepare so many versions of the same character that it puts me off painting them, I ended up with seven differently armed chiefs (although I have another three or four weapons on generic spartans that are ripe for conversion, as well as having to decide whether to sell or paint the 'active camouflage' (read: see-through) Master Chief with Energy Sword that I have...)

Once that was done, I cracked on with converting and rebasing some bog-standard Spartans:

The plan for these is to be able to run some PVP redvsblue games, again with weapon swapping - entirely arbitrarily, I think six different sets of weapons is good, as it allows for some D6 rolling fun. As well as painting them red and blue, I wanted each pose to be different too - thence ensued some weapon swaps and the joy that is reposing plastic miniatures using the Turkish Bath method:

On the left is the original (and, in all honesty, a little silly looking) Snifer Rifle armed Spartan. A simple weapon-swap with a Battle Rifle armed Spartan and voila! We have a new pose!

The same goes for this chap - an SMG armed Master Chief had his sidearm removed, the gap filled over with liquid Greenstuff, and then had a new pair of arms grafted. Voila! We have a new pose!

And then... well, you get the idea. At this point, I've got the first four weapon options finished, from left-right, front-back: Dual Magnums, Shotgun, Sniper Rifle and Battle Rifle.

Once all these are done, it's ready for the tabletop! and then I can go back to bigger ideas - either Master Chief versus hordes of bad types, or some sort of Halo Wars-esque battle type games (along the lines of what Halo Tabletop Waraming is planning).

Due to the limited number of sculpts and poses available, I'm going to have to do a lot of converting to try and make this project look more interesting (handily, I've plenty of ideas bubbling away, like converting a Brute Chieftan with a Gravity Hammer, since my secong Master Chief with Fist of Rukt came broken...). And anyway, research for this project is a lot of fun...


  1. I'm finding reading your blog posts is akin to learning a foreign language. Not unpleasant, mind you, but I feel I'm not capable of grasping a great deal of true meaning. :)

  2. Love the idea of WOMP, and I think the silly name is actually going to be the key to it's success. Consider the idea borrowed for my own motivation/blog...

    (... and by borrowed I mean stolen, the serial numbers filed off, resprayed, fitted with false plates and documentation and shipped out to eastern Europe.)