Saturday 14 January 2012

Good, bad, I'm the guy with the gun...

First miniature of the year finished:

Studio Miniatures' 'not-Ash', ready to take the fight to any deadites or primitive screwheads that get in his way.

He'd been in the painting queue for a little while now (pretty much since he came out...), but having finished him means I can now retroactively claim that all those hours spent playing Army of Darkness on my iphone were justified for research purposes (and yes, I did check what colour various parts of the chainsaw are in the game...)

However, as is traditional in nearly every post I make, it's not just a positive swing for the tally, as my order from Heresy arrived this morning:

There was a sale on! However, I was much better than I usually am at restraining myself from buying miniatures, and came away with only 7, all sculpted by Steve Buddle - the two packs of modern zombies, and a monk type chappy with a hammer that's such a lovely sculpt that I'm rather looking forward to throwing some paint at it...

So all in all the 2012 tally stands at:

1 vs 22 = -21

Not where I was aiming to be a fortnight into the new year, but then again not so deep into the negatives that I can't see myself getting out...


  1. He look very menacing!! Nice job!

  2. He reminds me of a farmer I met in Idaho (sans the chainsaw). Nonetheless, kinda scary :P

  3. Cool painting, though in the version I used to have on VHS he said "I aint that good" before blasting Bad Ash, seen 3 versions of that movie up to now :)