Thursday 2 February 2012

I'm not doing what I should...

So, productivity has dried up to almost nothing- a little daubing here and there on some generic fantasy miniatures, but that's it. Still no resolution to my lack of basing sand problem either, so I've not been able to start work on painting the converted Halo miniatures either. Boo.

Even a brief stint in the creative doldrums can't stop the inevitable march of the post-man:

Rincewind and the Luggage, from a nice man in Finland via the Lead Adventure Forum. No great plan for these, just that someone was selling them and I thought I'd enjoy painting them (Although I need to make some cobblestone base inserts - hopefully my Instant Mold arrives soon).

Inevitably, that means the tally slides a little further away from zero:

12 vs 29 = -17

In other news, my eye has been wandering again, and it seems to keep landing on VBCW. Militia bundling around 1938 Canterbury, what's not to love? Macfarlane are releasing a whole range of dinky Halo figures and miniatures, how do I reject that?! Also, I'm off to Wales for the weekend for the SFX weekender, where I will likely see many many things to distract me from the bajillion projects I've already got on the go...

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  1. Yeah, sometimes the doldrums hit all of us. I looked through some of your earlier posts. That Halo project is very interesting. I love converting the soft plastics and am looking forward to seeing more.