Sunday 3 April 2011

Procrastination apace!

So, yeah, not much happening...

Procrastination has set in, and I've not really been painting anything. I think the paints have only come out once in the last three weeks.

This turned up a while ago (thanks to a lovely chap by the name of Bezzo) and I've only just got round to adding it to the tally (sad, sad times for my plans of staying in the positive).

61 vs 191 = -130 (boo!)

So, procrastination. The other day I made a spreadsheet of what miniatures you'd need, and in what quantities, to play every scenario featured in the pdfs from the Doctor Who Miniatures Game for the modern series. Once I'd finished that I made several more spreadsheets, for each pdf, listing how many of each mini I'd need to play pretty much any scenario ever. And then (and only then) I basecoated some (not all) of the metals on my human Blood Bowl team. Sigh...

I have managed to prep some minis though, as well as throwing yet more into the stripping jar, so hopefully I'll be back on the painting horse soon enough. I even found some more moria goblins lurking around half-painted, so I might ease myself back into the swing of things by finishing those. Plus, I've got a week off from work soon, so hopefully I'll finish something then...

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