Sunday 13 March 2011

Drybrushing again?

I think the first person to ever drybrush a mini was painting something rather like these:

(slight diversion - my, what an awkwardly angled shot. But I've already put the skellies away, so it will have to do for now. Also, I need to start using some proper art software on my pictures. And get a lightbox. Sigh...)

Skeletons! More generic fantasy for the generic dnd project! The bone was an absolute bore to paint, especially when bits that looked like part of a flowing robe turned out to actually be bits of bone I'd missed previously, requiring going back and touching up...

I quite like the gw skeletons though, replete as they are with the ubiquitous coffin lid shield:

I stuck with the regular square bases with these, even though most of my generic fantasy is based on 25mm rounds, just in case at some point in the future I ever decide to start an undead army for Warhammer. However, I built them with absolutely no thought put into whether they'd rank up or not, and painted them with a rather cavalier approach to colour scheme, so there's probably little fear of that ever happening.

There's even a terrible conversion in there too!

Heroquest skeleton + cutting + plastic sword + string + glue = ...?

Proxy Boneshard Skeleton! It's close enough for my liking, although I wish I'd known beforehand that dousing string in superglue makes it go all weird and fuzzy...

And thus, we get to have a vanity shot of the skeletons menacing a poor wizard:

Which brings us to:

61 vs 159 (I sent a mini to TheMightyFlip) = -98

Well, I'm back under minus one hundred, which is something I guess... (less impressive when you consider the parcel that was posted my way today...)

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