Thursday, 3 March 2011

From, not for...

Lord of the Rings, in this case:

A whole load of lovely little gobbos for the pie in the sky 'maybe one day I'll play dnd' project. I quite like the LOTR goblins, they're menacing little buggers, and there's some quite characterful metal models too -

Magic goblins (yep, including a conversion! It's not that I snapped his spearhead off in the stripping pot, it's intentional, look at the pic in the Monster Manual! Happy coincidence?), Fat goblins;

Even ninja goblins with whacking great axes. I know, my photos are worse than usual today, I blame illness (but just wait, there's more pictures to come!)

When I decided to paint these, I thought it'd be the perfect time to crack out my old, unused-in-an-almost-unreasonably-long-amount-of-time pot of Catachan Green. Wrenching the lid off, I found it had dried up completely.
'Hmm...' thinks I, 'I'm sure I bought a replacement pot...'
Much searching later, another pot is found, lid popped, and it turns out that one is even deader than the first (which was, in fact, the replacement pot). The good thing about model paint though, is that generally if you find yourself in this situation, you can fix it using only two simple, readily available ingredients from around the house.

1 - Water
(from the tap, or of the fancy bottled variety if you prefer - may depend on whether you're in a hard water area, like most anywhere)

2 - A Stick
(these literally grow on trees, although I made mine by whittling down a tongue depressor that I found on my desk. Well, whittling might be something of an over-exaggeration...)

Much stirring and grumbling about the price of paint later, and voila, good as new! Well, not quite good as new, but spreadable enough to use as a basecoat at least...

Whilst on a roll from actually finishing miniatures, I also managed to slap some paint on a couple more:

A Blasphemous Construct for Strange Aeons (I love his doofy face), that I could not seem to get a good picture of (maybe he's shy, or has self-body-image issues). All that time spent glazing washes onto his freaky-deaky arm, and you can barely tell. Hohum...

Lastly is this chap:

a rather spiffing looking Space Sheriff type (originally from Rezolution DT) who'll fit in quite nicely for Firefly. Talking of Firefly, this doubles the output completed so far for that project - that's a leap of 100%. Now, I may not be a Golden Demon standard painter, but when you break it down you can't argue with straightforward maths like that. 100% increase. That sounds like an incredible amount. Win.

Although I couldn't get a decent straightforward shot of him, I did end up capturing this in frustration:

As he looms out of the darkness, drawling 'Stop Space Police! You're nicked!' (to mix several genres...)

Which brings us to:

50 vs 160 = -110

Well, I've already painted more miniature this month than I did last month and we're only a couple of days in, but that big box of miniatures is really going to be quite the hump to get over to get back into the positives... (at this rate it'll be what, November?)

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