Tuesday 12 April 2011

Back on the horse...

As previously mentioned, I found some more Moria goblins that I'd originally been painting around nine years ago, so thought I'd get back into the swing of painting by finishing them off:

Painting over the top of the old paintjob, I slapped paint on with wild abandon, and you know the sad thing? At arms length, or on a tabletop in front of you, they're much of a muchness with the goblins I painted before. Also sad is the fact that I only noticed toward the end that I'd originally stuck the shields on upside down (cue some careful cutting and re-glueing on all but one - I thought it was funny to have a dopey goblin that's holding his shield wrong...)

So now, we have enough goblins to suitably chastise a wizard if need be:

(that poor wizard - hopefully he'll have some friends soon, if I can stay focused on one thing for more than five minutes...)

Which brings us to:

73 vs 201 = -128

As always, there's plenty of half-finished (or WIP, if you prefer) stuff in the painting queue, so we'll see if we can work on that number a little bit. There's some nightgaunts, for one (they're a single colour all over, so should be fairly quick to knock out), but at the same time the imminent release of the 7tv rulebook has had me digging out some minis for that...

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