Friday 15 April 2011

A whole lotta evil and a hairy guy...

Well, to get the usual business out of the way:

Yes yes, minus one to the tally, I'm a bit rubbish really - although in my defence I stuck a 99p bid on him on ebay and forgot all about it until the email telling me I'd won arrived a few days later - he'll go into the stripping pot with all those other unfortunate souls, hoping to one day see the business end of a paintbrush...

On a more positive note, I managed to finish a whole bunch of miniatures!

Ahh, lovely lovely single colour easy to paint nightgaunts, how the tally loves thee. I'd originally planned to only buy one, as that's probably all I'd really need for Strange Aeons, but they're just so cute! Well, cute for a faceless haunter of the night... Who am I kidding, they tickle people with those barbed tails. But they do it silently...

I know, I'm surprised too, this makes two lots finished from a package that arrived last week, normally it takes me a few months (sometimes years) from receiving miniatures to actually painting them! A nice 'man in a suit' type alien, suitable for menacing the good Doctor, or perhaps used as a terrible experiment gone wrong unleashed by some evil genius [cue seamless segue]

Boom! My 7tv rulebook is in the post, so I thought I should at least have one miniature finished expressly for use with it. And look, he has an adorable kitty!

Which admittedly probably isn't meant to be photographed at such close range, but hey, just look at his little face... In other news, there are some femdroids currently winging their way to me to add to the growing collection of 'undercoated miniatures for 7tv'.

I even managed to finish off a miniature that's been in the painting queue for a ridiculous amount of time, this zombie from the Frothers sculpting competition set.

I even spent several minutes with a pin teasing TCR so that it looked like the blood spilling from the severed head was following the laws of gravity and flowing down the gulley between two tiles towards the open drain. Because it's the little things that make me chuckle. Also, I'm sad like that.

The zombie project has fallen off my radar a little bit, as there's so many other projects demanding my attention (the span of which isn't exactly great). Then again, I've got a decent number of zombies finished, and the rules are at least half done, so I can easily pick it back up when my mood swings back that way (as it inevitably will).

Last but not least, we have:

A barbarian! 2 classes down, only a dozen or so to go! I really like this miniature, it was an absolute joy to paint, which meant I spent a little more time on it than usual (although it's hard to tell with pictures this close up).

As is inevitable, we come to the tally:

80 vs 202 = -122

I wish I could say that I'm not going to buy any more miniatures this year, that I'm going to power on and even up those numbers, but today Uncle Johnny called and asked if I wanted to go to Salute...

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