Saturday 23 April 2011

Salute: a (much abridged) pictoral journey

Well, as previously mentioned, I forgot to pick up the camera on my way out the door to go to Salute, and in my excitement rushing around throwing money at traders I only managed to snap a half dozen or so pics on Uncle Johnny's phone camera. Some technical diffiulties (and a week) later, I've managed to get sme photos to the point that I can post them on the internet (in the end, havng to email those that managed to get through to myself from my phone... lord knows where the wire for that went...)

And so, I present to you all: Salute 2011 in four pictures:

Crooked Dice's 7tv table, which was absolutely beautiful but sadly fully booked to play on by the time I strolled over. I've got plans rolling around to build a similarly styled modular board, but who knows where I'd have the space to store it... There was a rather nice Doctor Who game on display too, but sadly no pictures of that survived the journey to here...

This picture did though, although I can't honestly remember whose it was or what game was on it. It might be that I stumbled upon whilst in a snap-happy mood, who knows. There's a giant mushroom on the board though, so that's something...

Obligatory picture of the Heresy Dragon. He's a big old bugger, I'll grant him that. I was extraordinarily tempted by the special offer on the day, but couldn't think of a surefire way to smuggle it into the house without getting caught, so had to politely decline.

And sadly, the final picture on our whirlwind tour is of me, shortly after I'd gotten bored of posing for a picture and become distracted by something out of shot. Please note, people journeying to Salute in groups: 6'3" and a Jayne hat make you easy to find if you get seperated (and yes, I was amused at people stopping me to tell me what a cunning hat I was wearing). Dressing all in black like Uncle Johnny (and a hundred other guys) makes it somewhat hard to spot you in a crowd. Just saying. Talking of Uncle Johnny, the picture of him that was to accompany this one mysteriously didn't make it from his phone to mine. I suspect foul play...

Anyway, as a whole week has passed, inevitably some more miniatures have turned up:

A bunch of ooold-school slayers, complete with Gotrek to accompany the Felix I managed to pick up off eBay last year. I worked out once this parcel arrived that I'd only need to convert 5-7 slayers to have a full unit of 30, including command, without any identical poses (5 if I used doomseekers in the unit, 7 if I didn't - admittedly, that includes counting the old Games Day slayer on demon head unit filler as four slayers too...)

Black Cat Bases sadly weren't at Salute, but handily have their annual sale on. It's probably for the best that I wasn't shopping in person, as they have a fair few bits and bobs I plan to pick up in the future (zombies and deep ones for starters), but had they been in front of me I likely wouldn't have been able to show the same restraint and just bought everything in one fell swoop.

There's two packages on their way to me currently, but until then the tally stands at:

80 vs 252 (-13 to a chap in Norway, +12 dwarfs, +18 from black cat bases) = -172

(maybe if it hits 999 it'll roll back round to 000...)

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