Thursday 6 January 2011

Westgate games update

Time for some sad news: my FLGS, Westgate Games, appears to be no more.

I went to nip in after work on Tuesday to pick up some plasticard, only to find the lights off. 'Fair enough, it's a bank holiday, they must have closed early' I thought (it was just atfter five, after all).

Today, getting out of work at half four, I try again, to find the lights off again, and further investigation revealed a note up in the door to the effect of 'this shop is now closed due to current economic conditions'.

Hopefully this is only a short term setback, but I fear the worst...


  1. I think it may well be the big game over... I was in there just after Christmas and the shop was almost stockless but not in the way which suggested a lot of sales.

    I've also heard how Elton's got a job, which he wouldn't have done if he were making a living out of the shop.

  2. I knew he had another job to help pay the rent... sad times for all if it is in fact gone for good... (it's not quite the same nipping into the internet to buy something random and a quick chat)

  3. hello phil Elton here yes its all true its all dead much to my irritation :( but out of interest if people do need plasticard and such you can get it from "mutleys models" down opposite sainsburies
    in northgate also he has the ability to order from rpgs euro boardgames and limeted batches of certian wargames (warmachine in particular) and the new wave plastic minis

    signing off Elton

  4. On the front of the local paper this week too...