Monday 10 January 2011

Oh Mummy...

...because that's what I painted:

Well, I say painted, drybrushed and washed would be a more accuate description. Don't click on the picture and look at it bigger, if anything you should stand at least two feet away from your screen to enjoy it correctly! I'll probably end up painting another one of these based for Strange Aeons, and I'll try harder then I promise.

Also finished were this pair:

although I realised whilst I was uploading the pics that I'd forgotten to paint the chap's belt... but I'll have to finish that tomorrow (well, today technically). This lovely pair is from Hasslefree, and yes, I did have to do a Google image search to remind myself what colour the chap's trousers should be (which was fortunate, as I then realised that I'd also forgotten that he wears a striped tie). Painting the eyes on these were a nightmare, they're tiny! A bit of hand wobbling resulted in the girl getting some unexpected eye makeup (bam, do the same thing under the other eye and voila, with the aid of handwavium, it's explained away as intentional!)

And just to prove that I do paint the backs of my miniatures:

Hmm, her hair hasn't come out looking that great in this picture... and yes, I will clean up his collar when I come back to paint his belt ;) - I hate painting white, as I'm sure you can tell from the state of the chap's shirt. Worthy of note is the gold Casio he's wearing though, modelled after the watch I got my young lady for christmas (and yes, I did ask her advice on what colour to paint the girl's headband - always keep a young lady to hand for miniature fashion enquiries!)

So, these three finished (well, they will be finished, so I'm counting them) brings the tally to:

12 vs 7 = +5

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