Sunday 2 January 2011

A promising start... the new year. Galvanised by my shame at only having a single post on my blog, I decided to slap some paint around today and managed to actually finish five miniatures! So we have the following:

Kronen Roxxon

An armoured chappie with an inordinately large sword, finishing Kronen (after however many months he'd been sat in the painting queue) is a landmark in a number of ways: not only is he my first finished mini for Anima Tactics, but by finishing him, I've also completed 1/6th of the Anima minis that I own (but must remember that that isn't an excuse to buy some more...)
I may go back and add some grass to his base at some point in the future, but for now, that's one for the tally (see later).


Well, two survivors and a zombie with an awesome doll actually:

The disappointed looking chap is a miniature (for the Dark Age game, originally) that I saw online many years ago and just had to have. There's just something about the Werner Klocke sculpt that I love... enough that that was justification enough for me to buy the main rulebook for the game whilst perusing the shelves in the FLGS after a couple of drinks... only to discover that the rules for this particular model aren't in that book. But hey, live and learn.  The mexican wrestler is a DC heroclix figure, and in a previous life was Bane, the man who broke the bat, before he discovered a penchant for brighter colours... Finally, the poor little girl with the great taste in dolls is a Hasslefree mini, purchased solely because of the cthulhu doll she's holding.

Wait, did he say finally? I thought that it was five miniatures finshed...

Yup, I finished something more useful for the zombie project: the king!

Stealing inspiration shamelessly from Mael from the novel Monster Island, I thought it'd be cool to have a reanimated mummy type bossing the more mindless zombies around (in the homebrew rules I'm writing, zombie mobs usually can only activate by passing a test if there's action going on near them, but the King can activate a mob for free). I've got a couple of the old metal Tomb Guards (is that what they were called?) in my bits box that might get some torn bandages added to use as bodyguard types for the king, but that might mean have to add special rules for them, and be more overcomplication that they're worth... Back to the King though, that big base looks awfully sparse, so I might go back and add some grass, or maybe a broken museum exhibit sign...

2011 Tally

Taking my cue from the lovely chaps over at the LAF, I'm going to keep a running tally of my finished miniatures vs purchased miniatures. Most people who do this do so in an attempt to decrease the size of their lead mountain, I'm approaching it more as scientific proof of how easily distracted I am, and the fact that I'm rather good at buying miniatures, not so good at actually using them...

So, the tally will be formatted as folows:
Miniatures finished (a) vs miniatures purchased (b) = score (a-b) - if the score is positive, I'm being super productive (but knowing myself, will likely see that as a sign to buy more miniatures...)

So, the current tally for 2011 is:
5 vs 0 = +5
(admittedly, we're only in the positive as the miniatures that I ordered last year haven't arrived yet...)

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  1. can i use my dude in your zombie island game?

    roll dice.. EVERYTHING DIES!!!