Sunday 3 October 2021

Zomtober 2021!

And so begins another year of Zomtober! In case this is your first brush with the annual challenge, the aim is to paint and post at least one zombie themed miniature every Sunday in the month of October. I’m not sure if anyone else is doing it this year, but if you are shout in the comments!

So, submission one, a Zombie Hulk:

Fun fact - taking these pictures I noticed some patchy bits on the green, like his wrist, so have gone back and fixed that!

Here you can see I tried to paint some texture on his loincloth, to give the impression of it being hideous scratchy sackcloth rather than a luxuriously silken garment…

I don’t think this mini even has stats in the current edition of Dungeons & Dragons, so if he sees the table it will likely be as some sort of ogre with zombie rules added in.

He’s quite a big lad, looming over any human sized adventurers that might cross his path…

Painting him brings the Tally to:

22 vs 23 = -1

So, what’s next? More zombies, obviously! As is always the case though, despite having prepped everything I needed ready for a month of thematic painting, I of course found my mind wandering while doing the washing up last night and realised I could do something from the monkey box that thematically ties in to the month…


  1. Great looking Zombie Hulk, Simon is collecting up the entries this year, and you can find the first posting on his blog, I'm also running an apocalypse painting challenge which zombies will work for and you can sign up here so you'll get two submissions from one model.

  2. Nice work on this chap, I really like how you've done the green-grey skin and dark red muscles.

    I'm up for Zombtober this year too!

  3. Great start to Zomtober. I've put your site on the Zomtober list on my website :-)

    1. Aha. You've already commented on mine. Marvellous :-)

  4. Big, green and ugly! Nice :-) .

  5. Very Brutish & large! Great start! There still seems to be a few of us doing Zomtober, but we seem to have lost our pilot who posted all the blogs.