Sunday 10 October 2021

Zomtober 2021 week 2

 Another Sunday, another zombie themed submission!

This week I present for your delectation a Hasslefree survivor that I think was originally prepped as a backup mini for a previous Zomtober, and so has sat undercoated waiting for her time in the sun for far too long.

The details on the face are very fine, and I think I went too pale and lost some of the definition - there’s nothing like painting for a deadline to lower your standards though! When initially taking the pictures for this post, I noted how pale she was and went back to add some colour to her lips to try and make her look a little more lively, but I think all I’ve succeeded in doing is making her look like she’s enjoyed some beetroot at some point in the past…

I also wouldn’t have gone as light on the hair if I were to paint her again - up until that last application though, it looked very flat and dark, so I’m not sure that a do over would come out any better (as ever, I asked my wife to suggest a hair colour, as is usually the case whenever I’m painting near her). The acid wash jeans effect is a little hit or miss too, but again, done is done, so points on the Tally!

23 vs 23 = +0

Back to equilibrium!


  1. Great looking survivor, I think the skin tone is fine, as survivors probably wouldn't get a lot of time for sunbathing. I find red glaze works well for doing lips, unless you want a lipstick look then choose a suitable colour.

  2. I think she turned out well... the heavy contrast on her face gives her some drama, especially with her angry expression. She really looks like she's paused in the middle of battle to shout a command or something.

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  4. Ooo lovely... this is one of the Hasslefree survivors I've been meaning to get for ages. She looks great, the skin tones work, and the bandolier is really well done.

  5. Another excellent Hasslefree figure! You've done her justice after making her wait a year! Your not alone, I've got 1st Edition Zombicide stuff still waiting to see the brush!