Sunday 24 October 2021

Zomtober 2021 week 4!

This week’s offering is four zombies, absolutely gorgeous sculpts that were purchased eons ago from Tengu miniatures, which I believe are available from CP models these days. Typing the words Tengu miniatures also sent me off on a quick Google to see where the other minis from their range ended up, especially those Kappa that I had no need for originally but having since started a fantasy samurai project could probably find a home for…

Lovely to daub paint on, and then great fun to weather. My favourite of the four sculpts is probably the Afro girl in hoodie, who also got adidas stripes after my attempts last week:

The mini on the far left almost delayed this posting, as unfortunately as I was putting them away one evening after finishing painting them ready to photograph the day after, she took a tumble off the table and somehow managed to get chipped on both her chin and the rear of her ankle, which necessitated some sneaky cover up work to hide! I was initially tempted to hide it with a judicious coat of blood effects, but thought that might be overkill…

Finishing these, as well as the satisfaction of another deadline met, brings the Tally to:

28 vs 23 = +5

(Halfway to the goal of averaging a mini a week, with only 2 months until the end of the year…)

Next week: the final week of Zomtober 2021!


  1. More great looking zombies, and another great entry.

  2. Excellent work on those zombies, and well done on getting those Adidas stripes painted so well!

  3. Nicely done! It amazes me how many zombie sculpts are lurking out there. I've tended to rely on my Zombicide / Walking Dead ones to fill my hordes.