Thursday, 28 October 2021

Frostgrave monster probability

At some point in the past, I saw that someone had produced a chart of what probability you had of getting each result on the Frostgrave Wandering Monster table, which struck me as very handy for planning what you were going to paint as a priority before starting to play the game. Unfortunately, no amount of googling or asking on Facebook has been able to find it again, so I sat down with a coffee and pencil and paper to work it out myself:

1-4 Giant Rats: 9%

1-2 Ghouls: 7.5%

1-2 Wolves: 7.5%

1-2 Zombies: 6%

1-2 Skeletons: 6%

1-2 Ice Spiders: 6%

1-2 Wild Dogs: 6%

1-2 Ice Toads: 6%

Bear: 6%

Boar: 6%

1-3 Armoured Skeletons: 5%

Snow Leopard: 4.5%

Small Construct: 3%

Imp: 3%

1-2 Snow Trolls: 3%

Wraith: 2.5%

White Gorilla: 2.5%

Minor Demon: 2.5%

Worm: 2.5%

Werewolf: 2%

Medium Construct: 1.5%

Large Construct: 1%

Vampire: 0.5%

Frost Giant: 0.5%

So, it looks like I need to sort out some ghouls before I paint the worm that’s sat in the painting queue! 


  1. Clever way of working out what to paint next

  2. If you go by the random chart in the book you can paint in an order of wizard level. It has worked out fairly well for me.

  3. In the famous words, "Don't tell me the odds" our group has endeavored to have all the critters done to some extent. As we play multi-band games, we have a wandering encounter occur every turn so we definately see lots of lurking things coming up behind warbands (This also helps from having wizards hide at the back edge of the table)