Friday 6 November 2015


As great as the Arkham video games' take on Dr Jonathan Crane is, I still have a massive soft spot for this guy:

Such subtlety, such grace:


I have a selection of resin bases from Fenris that I'd been planning to use on my Batman miniatures rather than my usual gravel and sand bases, but as this was a plastic Heroclix figure rather than a nice Knight Models sculpt I didn't want to risk wasting one of my limited supply in case he didn't take paint well! 

So, out came an offcut of cork sheet from making one of the zombie spawn points during Zomtober to make a basic broken brickwork base:

In hindsight, I should perhaps have made the cuts that separated bricks a little more pronounced, but hey, everything is a learning experience right?

A dab of glue, some sand, and a couple of pins later Arkham's 'Master of Fear' was based up and ready to go:

He was largely painted on lunch breaks when covering in other stores (as although I'm supposed to work 5 minutes from my house, where I can nip home at lunchtime to see my wife and daughter, it seems like recently I've spent a lot of days working in places like Ashford, despite having taken a substantial pay cut to not work there anymore, but that's a whole other story...)

He ended up using far less varieties of brown paint than I expected, which is a shame in a way, as I think I own at least a dozen different shades! Heh, and I complain about my wife having so many bits of similar looking material...

Finishing him brings the Tally to:

60 vs 155 = -95