Saturday 7 November 2015

Mystery Adventurer?

The other day on a trip up to London to take our daughter to the aquarium, the wife and I popped into Orc's Nest. As well as a handful of board and card game bits (and a pack of bases from Renedra to use for some basing some planned scatter terrain), I picked this chap out of a box of random mins:

Any idea who he is or where he's from? His tab just says 'swordsman', and I quite liked him for a generic adventurer type for D&D or Frostgrave...


33 vs 131 = -98


  1. It's an old citadel wood elf I think? I'm pretty sure I had this figure in the 80's! Could be wrong though

  2. He's from the box of figures GW did for Dungeonquest - a nice set...