Sunday 23 October 2022

Zomtober 2022 week 4

Shockingly, here we are for week four in a row with another on schedule blog post - slightly later than usual as my Sunday today involved a lot more tidying up and less spooky season movies than usual, but that’s just the way of the world sometimes isn’t it?

This week’s offering is the Witch Hunter themed zombie from Mordheim (picture taken during a rain storm, unfortunately, so the natural light wasn’t as bright as it could have been):

Not as brightly coloured as some of my previous zombies, but still a characterful little sculpt regardless. I went for a lot of greys and browns for him, as is my usual approach to almost any miniature.

I experimented with painting the flaming torch in his hand as some sort of wyrdstone-tainted warp flame, but it… didn’t quite turn out as I hoped. Initially I went too heavy on the green, and so had to go over it with very thinned white to try and lighten the whole thing, and then applying black to the flames left it too dark overall, so I had to go back in with more white, then redo some of the green… after a while, you hit a point where done is as good as perfect, and that’s what you see here.


70 vs 64 = +6

Now a sensible person would continue building up a positive buffer on their Tally, but North Star just announced that there is going to be a money off code in their next newsletter, and I’ve got my eye on a few bits for Frostgrave / Rangers of Shadow Deep / Silver Bayonet, so who knows how long I’ll last before the Tally is in the red again…


  1. That's quite an interesting effect, I like this one very much!

  2. another excellent looking Zombie