Sunday, 9 October 2022

Zomtober 2022 week 2

Another week, another zombie, this time the Sisters of Sigmar themed one from Mordheim:

Oof, I thought natural light was supposed to be the secret to taking better pictures? Then again, not rushing to take a picture before watching Hocus Pocus with your family probably ranks up there too.

I dug out an old pot of the GW Foundation range red (Mechrite Red) for her tabard, as I fancied something a little more muted than my usual method of painting red. It came out so nice that it was almost a shame to have to dirty it up with weathering, but grubby is as grubby does and so she got a layer of dirt and blood just like her companion from last week.

Her hair and skin got some green tones too to sell that unhealthy look, doubly thematic in that I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to hit this week’s deadline due to being sick enough to be off work. Luckily I recovered enough to put in the usual midnight Saturday finish in order to be able to post today.

Finishing her brings the Tally to:

68 vs 63 = +5

Next week: more of the same, hopefully! 

Side note - while Mordheim wasn’t high up on the project list for this year, painting these zombies has led to me watching an awful lot of Mordheim battle reports on YouTube…


  1. Great work on the sisters Zombie, can really see the original colour scheme, through the dirty undertones

  2. Eeek! That's unsettling! Take it as a compliment! :)