Thursday, 11 September 2014

Scout Trooper Buttplate issues

Finding myself with an hour to myself, I thought I'd best get on with finishing undercoating some miniatures that I was partway through doing at the end of last week. Picking up my brush and pot of Ceramite White, I found myself staring at a miniature that I'd clearly been interrupted in the middle of undercoating, and I recalled that I'd realised that something was missing from my converted miniature - one of these thins is not like the others:

The more eagle-eyed of you will be quick to notice, he's missing a buttplate. Presumably an essential piece of armour, although maybe it's actually a cushion to make those speeder bike rides a little smoother? Whilst I'm not normally a button counter type (as opposed to some that I won't name), I knew that it would bug me if I didn't do something about it, so set about the problem with a little Liquid Green Stuff. Now, my pot of LGS has gone a bit funky, but mashing it about a bit and leaving it to set a little have me a manageable chunk that I could carve into the desired shape:

Yeah, I know, the back of your fingernail probably isn't the best place to carve green stuff with clay shapers and knives, but I'm fairly certain my mother rarely reads this, so if you don't tell I won't either!

After leaving it to set a little more (and dropping it on the floor, inevitably), a little dab of superglue with a cocktail stick later we have a Scout Trooper that's ready for the ball!

Alas, I now need to wait for this to properly dry before I can finish undercoating him and get on wih some actual painting, but them's the breaks...


  1. Liquid GS issue - just add a wee bit of tap water. Add's some life back into your pot just fine with some serious stirring.

    Biker Scout Bum-plate - it's not actually a plate. It's actually part of a fabric diaper-style piece that is also the cloth piece that the armour goes over and the front pockets attach to. So in all reality, the but plate is sculpted inaccurately. (Sorry for being anal, used to be a Bikerscout member of the 501st costuming group and these details get my goit up.)

  2. At last, after all these years - I can post! And what a magical moment to pick- a focus on miniature arsewear