Friday, 19 September 2014

Manners are their own reward gentlemen!

Another day, another bounty hunter. Even though he's clearly not actually holding that gun, I think this is a great little sculpt (from the first set, Rebel Storm) that I had a lot of fun painting. 

While there have been some duff moments, like the Lizard Dance from The Mandalorian Armor (because yes, it makes perfect sense that a drunk Trandoshan would refer to their ceremonial dance as 'the lizard dance', as that's not ridiculous at all), there are more reasons that I love Bossk:

I'm always a fan of canonically accurate nerd core rap about Star Wars Bounty hunters:

Although he's no Boba Fett, Robot Chicken has shown us that Bossk is a suave, smooth operator:

Who also teaches us that manners are their own reward:

[Tally - 63 vs 36 = +27]

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