Thursday, 18 September 2014

Leia? I hardly knew her!

Oh Leia, the Disney princess we waited so long for...

I had a couple of sculpt options for Leia, but went for this one, sporting the classic 'Danish Buns' 'do. It's a little petite compared to some, but I think it should do just fine. As you can see, painting white is still a pain, and the face was a bit of a nightmare - the sculpts on these bendy figures can vary between fantastic and terrible on the same figure! I did what I could though (including having to completely redefine her nose through the careful application of lines of flesh wash at one point), and so she should look fine on the table!

In other news, I've still got Han, Bossk and a rebel pilot half painted, then I really should get round to prepping a squad of rebel troopers...

[Tally - 62 vs 36 = +26]