Friday 11 April 2014

Pre-Salute post 2014

As happens every year, it's time for the pilgrimage to the Excel centre for Salute tomorrow!

As also happens each year, my pre-show list making is getting more and more refined (to the point that in probably 5 years I'll have a list that's actually practical):

Salute list

Pick up Hasslefree pre-order
Vallejo smoke
Westwind heads (bare)
Other bare heads
A Juan Diaz Daemonette
Lelith hesperax?
Quidditch teams (haha)
Miniature Mojo running zombies?
Any other fungus zombie standins?
War doctor - heresy or cd?
Bushido gorilla?
Pretty much anything that's a bargain...

Find the Dark Templar to blag a freebie!

Find Battlescribe to blag a freebie (even though he's local to me, it turns out, if twitter is to be believed)

Check out Stafford Games for goodie bags if I get a flier!

So, most of these are 'things I'd probably buy for the right price, as I don't really need them but would happily own them', or 'things that I'm not going to be able to get because they're never going to be available (quidditch players) or the trader isn't actually at salute (Miniature Mojo)'. And as I'm sure you're all used to by now, there's no clear focus in any one particular project - the heads are for the ASOIAF project (as I'm finding my lack of conversion bits to be stifling my enthusiasm for converting personalities); a couple of bits would be to go towards a second Path to Glory warband to complement the first one that I still haven't painted or posted; and the majority of pieces are to go towards a speculative 'the Last of Us' inspired project, but as theajority of miniatures for that fall into the 'trader not at Salute' category, I'm not sure how successful I'll be...

Well, all else failing I usually have good fun digging through bins of old blisters at the em4 stand!

In other news, unusually in the last year I actually painted some of the miniatures I picked up at the last Salute! Only 9, mind you... Well, and the miniature that I posted a peek at last post that I was hoping to get done before tomorrow, which looking back at old posts seems I actually got a couple of years back, not at the last one...

So, I'll see you all tomorrow! This is me:

(Please note- I'm not actually a massive canniballistic giant. I'll most likely be the geek in the Jayne hat. Please also note - this joke only really works if you're aware of Attack on Titan/Shingeki No Kyojin, so I apologise if it falls flat. Curse you, free titanifying app!)

[Also also: normally I'd go through the post and put links to manufacturers and whatnot, but I need to be out the door in a suit in 15 minutes, so I may have to add that (and correct any typos) in post...]

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  1. Have fun and enjoy it take plenty of pics. Will look forward to seeing a loot post!