Wednesday 23 April 2014

Blogs on mobile devices?

Generally, I mostly read everyone's blog posts on my iphone. I'd not been able to find an app that let me import my existing list of blogs that I follow from blogger, and couldn't be doing with manually adding a couple of hundred of them... Somehow along the way though, I managed to import my blog feed to Bloglovin, and although I can't seem to get the app version of it to do what I want, every day I get an email with all the posts from the previous day for me to peruse at my leisure. 

However, this morning I noticed something at the end of the email:

"See 17 more posts"? Is that always there?

Checking back through some older emails, it turns out yes, it is. But I'd never noticed it. Which means I've been missing a lot of people's posts. 

Does anyone have a mobile solution that they use that works?

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