Sunday 6 April 2014

Back in black! Zombies, an ape and what purports to be a cat...

With my wife having gone out today, I found myself finishing a few miniatures to take the tally back into the positive!

First of all we have a pair of zombies, one from Heresy and one a repurposed Black Cat Bases mini:

Because hey, I haven't painted any zombies in a while and I'm working through the drawer(s) of undercoated minis to make space for new ones!

A Black Cat Bases Gorilla, to join the Orangutan from this post in the Rise of the Planet of the Apes project:

He was a little smaller than expected when he arrived (two or three years ago admittedly), but he can be a baby in my gang of revolutionary apes I suppose (playing little brother to the gorilla from the Bushido game that I'll probably pick up at some point in the future).

And finally, a cat, one of the freebies from Black Cat Bases:

Not a great pic, of an absolutely tiny mini. Looks a little like a bear, truth be told, but woo, tiny cat!

4 finished miniatures takes the tally to:

22 vs 19 = +3
(and yes, I did have to look through old posts to check if I used a '+', it's been that long since I was in the positives...)

There was another miniature that I was hoping to post finished pics of tonight, but I couldn't bring myself to start the detailing on his suit, so he stays like this on my painting tile for now:

Here's to hoping that Salute doesn't send me too far back into the red!

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  1. Love that creepy nurse and well done about getting back in credit too. Just managed it myself, but know that more lead is on its way even as I type this!