Wednesday 30 April 2014

On the workbench right now

The wife is off at a candle party (because we are adults now that we're married, and that is apparently the sort of thing that respectable married ladies do) so I'm sat at home gorging myself (this is my view right now): 

And hopefully making some progress on little metal men.

Having recently bought the Firefly boardgame:

I had the urge to rewatch the series and dig out my old semi-abandoned miniature project (which handily was stored in a single Baggie, with the exception of a box of Starship Troopers Light Armour Mobile Infantry to use as Alliance Troopers):

Although it appears that I have somehow managed to glue my superglue shut, so I might have to see about getting some painting done instead! 


  1. Priceless! That's a familiar look to my table when the Saintly Mrs. Awdry hits the gym - snack central!

    1. Damn, I zoned out watching a film (Doghouse) and prepping miniatures and only remembered I had snacks when I saw your comment!

  2. Don't dip the chips in the glue dude.