Saturday 7 April 2012

Easter acquisitions

Nipped into Games Workshop this morning, where my beloved young lady bought me some presents for Easter:

Thematically coloured paints (I wanted some pinks so that I can paint the needlers on the Spartans that have been sat in the painting queue for as long as I remember, and picked up some textured brown paint and metal drybrush paint to try it out) and the new Witch Hunter - he's beautiful, and makes me excited to play some Mordheim, but he's my first Finecast purchase (ignoring the White Dwarf subscriber miniature I got at Christmas) and I'm not looking foward to the clean-up - despite the fact that the GW manager went through all the blisters with me to find the best quality casting, now I've got him home I'm noticing more and more bubbles and rough patches, but then again did I mention what a handsome mini he is? Even though the backpack with the bag of stakes is the one with the double handed sword, which I didn't want to use, but that bag of stakes is such a cool little detail...

I finally managed to snag an appropriately scaled helicopter this week in Poundland:

I'd been looking for one for a while to make into a wreck, and boom, appropriately scaled heli for a single english pound!

Hopefully I'll be able to post up a step by step when I get around to making it into a piece of scenery, but with my attention span who knows when that will be...

I also picked up something interesting when I was picking up another copy of the Doctor Who magazine with all the little dudes on the front:

One of those magazines where you build a model skeleton over a number of weeks, where the first issue is only 99p. With some cork bark and a ton of filler, it should make an awesome skull faced rock/hill, suitable for 70's villains' lairs and overwrought fantasy battlefields the world over:

With the addition of my new Witch Hunter Captain, that brings the current tally to:

27 vs 68 = -41

And now for the inevitable ramble - I'm currently reading the new Gotrek & Felix Anthology, which has fired up my enthusiasm for Warhammer Fantasy somewhat - at the very least I hope to paint the Gotrek & Felix minis I bought a while back, and maybe make some headway on the max sized unit of Slayers I bought a load of minis for (annoyingly, it looks like there are two newer sculpts in the Slayers range, but I don't want to have to buy a box of five just to get those two - Mail Order, how I miss thee); I even fancy starting a campaign using the 3rd/4th edition rules (I forget which, the ones where players have to roll on a d66 table and are punished horrifically by only being allowed to take war machines / magic items / monsters etc if they happen to roll up a specific bit of territory).
Other than that, on the painting table at the minute are some things that make me think of Sesame Street (namely that 'One of these things is not like the others'):

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  1. Looks like some cool stuff. Great finds. That helo is an especially good deal.