Wednesday 25 April 2012

Delete! Delete!

Finally got round to finishing this bundle of metal emotion hating joy:

My, these pictures are awfully yellow. The cybermen are Micro Universe conversions:

Mmm. Bendy. As usual, the paintjobs were a lot more labour-intensive than you'd guess from the pictures - as well as experimenting with 'Necron Compound' (the metallic drybrush paint), there was lots of carefully placing washes to try and differentiate between different silver bits (so, the inner lining is a different shade of silver to the chest plate, for example).

Here we have the plasma gun wielder conversion from earlier, as well as a pair of Cyber-Leaders and a Cyber controller. Yes, canonically there would probably only be one Cyber-leader at a time, but I couldn't find out for sure so did two just to be safe (and this way, I have two squads with a leader each). Foolishly, I converted too many things though - I've only got two more MU cybermen stashed away, and I need three for planned conversions (Lumic on throne, Pandorica wrecked cyberman, and a cybershade using a Ramshackle Games model as the basis) although I guess for one of those I only really need the head...

Finally, these badboy not-cybermats are from Crooked Dice, which are absolutely lovely but dinky! One of them tried to escape under the coffee table while I was finishing off their bases, and took a little while to find again...

Finishing these metal meanies brings the total to:

56 vs 79 = -23

Lord knows what I'll paint next - I'm in a bit of a Star Wars mood (there's a stormtrooper stood on my laptop as I paint this), but then again I got a gratis copy of Mega City Undercover vol 2 today, which has rekindled my desire to convert and paint Wally Squad Judge Dirty Frank in 28mm, as he is the single greatest thing in any form of literature. Ever.