Thursday 12 April 2012

Victory is mine: A quest for cork concluded

Like all things in life, if you need something, you can probably get it at Ikea...

(I don't normally look this manic, but then again, I don't normally get to complete a long ongoing quest either...)

So after all that, I have me some cork now.

A couple of four packs of placemats and some thicker hot pan things should keep me in enough cork to make a whole bundle of scenery, huzzah!

The only problem was the other six hours we spent there, looking at beds and sofas and various other things that aren't 28mm scaled.

But then again, there were also awesome meatballs...


  1. My hat is off to you sir. Any ancestry in the Canadian Mounted Police by chance?

  2. Cool finds. I know what you mean about time in Ikea. Last time I went with the wife I managed to get a nice coconut fiber mat to use for cornfield, but it cost me 4 hours of shopping and looking at every corner of the store. :)

  3. Excellent work sir, nothing like a war gamers version of hide and seek is there! My wife and I seem to be on a never ending search for "rubbing alcohol" which I swear doesn't exist.

  4. @Michael Awdry: no Mounties in the family tree, but I did watch a lot of due south as a child...

    @Smillie: when you say rubbing alcohol, do you mean like surgical spirit? They sell it in boots, it's what I use to strip miniatures - there's a post on the blog about it somewhere, I'd post you a link if I wasn't commenting from my phone - google dead lead stripper and you should find it (and join the legions of unusual search terms that have brought people here - usually it's 'can I be a stripper')

  5. A bit late here, but when you run out of cork, try finding it at more "manly" DIY type stores. Just rush in, check the wood, or, as it is case in my country, the varnishes and colours section, pick up some floor cork tiles and you're out in 10 minutes (considering you have to find it!)

    1. I tried b&q, apparently they haven't stocked cork tiles for a couple of years now...