Tuesday 27 March 2012

Arabian (k)niiiiiiiiiiights...

...like Arabian daaaaays.... More often than not, they're hotter than hot, in a lot of gooood waaaaaaays! Ah Aladdin... except imagine Aladdin joined a cult and decided to menace Conan:

Not only for Conan, they'll also make a nice Song of Blades & Heroes warband, or stand-in for Dungeons and Dragons. We have the Magister, flanked by a Hero and Champion looking pair:

(Crikey, photos are even worse than usual today, that's what I get for not finishing in time to use natural light). When I first pulled the central chap out of his ebay package, I thought about using him as some sort of town official, but it didn't take long before he'd been recast in my mind as some sort of evil magister. I mean, look how fancy his coat is!

Supporting them (and by supporting, I mean dying in droves under the onslaught of even the lowliest Hero type) we have a couple of henchmen:

I don't know why that guy even bothers with that shield, he's not even wearing a shirt!

Unsure of whether they're goodies or baddies, we have a pair of warrior princess types:

(pretend these photos are brighter)

When they're not part of a sinister cult, they can stand in for various character classes too.

Last but not least, we have the minis that shape the theme of the warband, dependant on their inclusion:

Zombies! With these, we have the entourage of an evil necromancer, without them, they're the bodyguards of an accountant...

Every miniature features a red sash or scarf, to tie them all together, but also to link them to the Snakeman I painted a while back, huzzah!

Actually finishing some miniatures brings the tally to:

27 vs 67 = -40 As soon as I can find a shade of pink I like for finishing off needlers, I'll have another dozen finished miniatures, but that still means I'll need another 28 to get back to zero - and Salute's in three weeks...

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  1. These look rather splendid, perfect for all sort of high seas adventure shenanigans! Like you a little worried about the possible expense looming in the shape of Salute.