Tuesday 20 March 2012

The single greatest comic panel ever made...

...is this, from issue 16 of Warlord of Mars, one of the many John Carter comics:

Even in context, it's hilarious (although for different reasons).
So, I've still not finished any miniatures, because I realised I had this to deal with:

I hadn't got round to reading any comics yet this year (most of these piles have 3-5 comics in). And yes, I do get six seperate Barsoom series. Sue me, I likes me some Barsoom.

Despite not having any proper progress to show, the postman brought me some more goodies:

Crusader Early war brits, Artizan British command and the VBCW sourcebook is the start of my foray into alternate local history, as well as some Renedra grave stones, because graves can be used for pretty much any setting...

And also this cheeky Artizan chappy, another goody bought from Mr Marx. He'll make a rather spiffing renegade Threashold Agent for Strange Aeons (when I eventually get round to painting him, that is...)
Which brings the tally to:

12 vs 67 = -55

Finishing the twenty-seven almost painted miniatures on the painting table at the minute would only claw me half the way back to zero...


  1. Well I seems you do not have time to be bored in!!!

  2. So much to do, such little time! Another one to fall to the allure of VBCW; I'm fighting them temtation, but getting weaker everyday!