Saturday 13 May 2023

Who you gonna call?

 So, we have a ghost:

Normally, I’m very measured in my miniature purchasing, and everything has a purpose for one of my current projects. Not this banshee though, that was picked up in a previous North Star sale just because she was such a lovely sculpt! She can stand in for a ghost for Silver Bayonet, Frostgrave etc though…

I painted her with a series of light grey dry brushes, and washed her with a bluey green contrast paint (she’s a bit greener in real life than she looks in these photos taken on a rainy day) to make her look a bit spectral. If I were to paint her again, I’d maybe have worked some colour into the initial layers of paint rather than having it all come from the wash at the end, but I like her enough not to want to strip her and start again, so I’m calling it done.


20 vs 41 = -21


  1. This turned out great, and even though it was an impulse buy, at least you have found several uses for it.

  2. Oh, that's a great sculpt, but your paintjob is really interesting, I like how you approached it. Cool!