Monday 29 May 2023

A little plump guy…

Every now and then I diverge from my keenly focused projects and throw a random mini into the mix, and this is one of those:

He’s a repainted Mage Knight figure (that my daughter hates, and refuses to look directly at), who will work as an imp or minor demon for Frostgrave, and I’m sure can pop his ugly head up in Silver Bayonet games too.

I took painting him as an opportunity to use flesh tones that I wouldn’t usually - I started from Bestigor Flesh, so he looks fairly ruddy.

The Tally took a hit both ways though, as I grabbed this month’s freebie mini from GW:

An Arbite - you could really make a decent Inquisitorial warband with the minis they’ve given away over the last couple of years!

All in, the Tally now stands at:

21 vs 42 = -21

Coming next: more things that aren’t on this year’s project list, if I’m being brutally honest…