Sunday 7 October 2018

Zomtober 2018 Week One - I rise from the grave

And Lo, as doth happen every Summer, the sun shineth mightily, and there is a grand slump wherein I get very little painting done and produce even fewer blog posts.

However, I was determined to break free of such things with Zomtober, the most wonderful time of year, and thus present for your delectation a pair of biters:

They're from Mantic's Walking Dead All Out War game, rebased to match my other zombies, and took paint quite nicely! Apologies about the bases, they were a bit of a rush job to build last night in order to be able to finish up this morning to make the Sunday posting deadline... I decided to go for a cork concrete base rather than my usual sand and bricks (as appears on at least a hundred other zombies that I've painted previously).
Also varying from my usual rhythm is that with these zombies, I'm breaking away from my usual dusty grey flesh! I've been looking for a reason to do some different skin tones on my shambling dead for a little while now, so expect to see some more shades over the next couple of weeks!

Yes, I childishly gave the chap bright pink underwear poking through a hole in the seat of his pants... The waitress type also got some additional weathering on her clothing, as I noticed a spot that I'd missed with the wash, and then ended up having so much fun applying some dirt and grime that I just carried on!

Daughter also got involved 'painting statues' - here, she's going hog wild with red paint, telling me "his jacket is blood. And his face. And his stand". She later went back and painted it blue again...

Fun fact - I kept seeing this out of the corner of my eye thinking that I was bleeding, before remembering that it was just where I was testing out stippling on some blood effects...

And so, finishing these two brings the Tally to no obviously I've had more miniatures arrive in the three months since I last posted:

Mattblackgod had a limited edition mini made up to celebrate the PAW forums tenth anniversary:

Disappointingly, the guy behind the blog's name isn't Matt Blackgod, as it is in my head. I'm planning on converting him slightly so that he's holding an old length of pipe like a hiking stick.

Warhammer Conquest is a thing:

My wife grabbed me a couple of copies of issue 1 for my birthday (as I figured I'd like a set of 3 primaris Marines to build 'as-is', and another three to play around with trying my hand at making true scale marine), and I grabbed a copy of issue 2 as I fancied some Plague Marines and a pot of paint for a fiver! Haven't grabbed any others yet, but may nip into Games Workshop (or Warhammer as it's called these days) and have a nose during the week...

Then Uncle Johnny hit the Tally the hardest, not once but twice:

Finding himself in possession of a whole bevy of Rogue Trooper Norts, he decided that I should also be blessed with some. And then thought that they might need some backup, so gifted me some snipers too. I guess I should get me a Rogue to bash them in! Look at how lovely those snipers are though...

That's it for miniature acquisitions, which brings the Tally to:

15 vs -47 = +62

Other treats include this haul:

A buddy of mine is a manager at the local cinema, and opened a cupboard in the projectionist room that looked like it hadn't been opened since the days when cinemas actually used projectionists to screen films, and found this heap of old White Dwarfs, Blood Bowl Annuals, Catalogues and so on. Despite my attempts to lure him into buying Kill Team, he's not really an active tabletop player any more, so he gifted them to me...

I also finished this little chap:

CD Gundam Unicorn
(only the eyes use one of the (many) provided stickers, the rest of the detail is all paint)

Well, I say finished, I'm still waiting on delivery of a grey Gundam Marker to finish the detailing on his knees, and also his right hand pinged out of the clip I was holding it in for painting and flew across the room to vanish without a trace, but until either or both arrive I'm calling it done. More kits are on their way to join the backlog, but I'll be focusing on zombies with my usual laser-like focus for the next three weeks...

Daughter also got involved in Gundam, as I got home from work one day to find she'd used these two brand new panel lining markers to try and draw a picture, resulting in the nibless result you see above. I was more concerned that she'd managed to open a pack of spare scalpel blades though...

What's next for Zomtober though? As ever, I have an ambition and a back up plan. Worst case scenario, I've got enough Walkers prepped to finish at least one more a week for the next three weeks. If all goes well, though, I may be able to finish quite the little hoard, with accompanying survivors and even something using this little assortment of bits:


  1. Well done on your zombies & of course, welcome to Zomtober!

  2. Excellent work on the two new Zeds. :)

  3. Brilliant job on the zeds and you have some fine additions to the lead pile.

  4. Nice. I prefer the old skin type but the new one isn't bad either.

  5. Great stuff! I'm right there with you on trying to find the right skin tone for zombies, who knew it could be so difficult?!

    1. I only stuck with the old one for so long out of stubbornness (well, and that I had so many painted dusty grey by that point!)

  6. Smashing looking walkers mate!

    I had to put a lock on my hobby room door to keep my little one out when he was young enough to be unable to control his impulses. Hope the little one didn't cut herself!

    1. She's fine, was carefully holding a scalpel blade by the blunt end between thumb and forefinger and stabbing at her piece of paper! I was surprised that she was able to get them out of their packet though, nothing is safe now! Luckily my hobby space is the basement, and she can't open that door (yet...)

  7. Great looking brace of biters to start Zomtober - and as it happens, a "behind the scenes" look at The Walking Dead series 9 showed how their props department are also working on new ("older"!) skin tones for the zombies :-)